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Go Electric!

Posted in Technology on April 18, 2009 by chastoms

TESLA - The car and the man.For more than 20 years I have been ranting and raving about the electric car and the benefits it will bring to the world and the environment. Even in our own shores, PK Electronics managed to get into the Malaysian Book of Records with the fastest electric race car at that time. The story goes that PK Electronics tried to get a motor from Eastern Europe, I think it was Poland. The motor they wanted was actually meant for a torpedo, because it had low power consumption and high rev and torque. The electric car never took of even in the 70’s because the powers that be, that is the oil companies and governments with vested interests, would have none of it. Nicolai Tesla, a prodigious genius, was way ahead of his time but yet again the then US govt tried to stifle, or even steal his inventions. Even the FBI, the Feds and the whole shebang of govt baddies, tried to make him out as a crack pot. Tesla was an associate of Edison, and it was a known fact the Edison was extremely jealous of him. Westinghouse, GE and other power companies, tried to buy his ideas on the sole intention of burying it! Why you may ask? Because, what will happen to these mega companies if electricity was produced cheaply? That will be the death knell for oil and power companies. Anyway, without his ideas, there would not be radios, TVs, Florescent Tubes, AC electric transmissions and motors. And the list could go on and on!

I have my uncle’s 1956 Popular Mechanics magazine; there is a small solar powered transistor radio up for sale in it. Though, even at that time, solar power was in its infancy and it has been more that fifty years since that invention,  to date not much progress has been made to make it available cheaply. In countries like Malaysia, where the sun shines practically throughout the year; there is less use of that technology. In Klang, where I live, that technology is only seen on Parking Meters! In Sweden, where the sun does not shine as much, it is used throughout the country! Why you may ask again? Again, it’s because the mega oil corporations who are also major share holders in the power generation companies have a vested interests in such technologies. Solar cells, electric cars are a death knell to their businesses. Hence, oil companies such as BP, are already taking control of such solar power technologies. Why? Just to have a monopoly over power generation. But they claim that it is because of their concern for the environment. Hogwash! It is now high time for us consumers to make these things known for our future generation and for the future of our Planet!