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The Swine Flu and How To Keep Safe,

Posted in Natural Health on April 28, 2009 by chastoms
Are Masks And Washing Hands Enough?

Are Masks And Washing Hands Enough?

I have just sent a comment to Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s blog, Paging Dr. Gupta, with this comment on the Swine Flu.

“Hi Sanjay,

I am surprised by the fact that not one word has been mentioned about boosting the immune system by changing one’s diet, (ie. a more alkaline diet), cutting back on acid forming food,taking mega doses of vitamins and mineral supplements, especially vitamin C.

I don’t think washing one’s hands would be enough. It is also strange that people who are in the 20’s are the most affected in Mexico City. It could be probably be due to their lifestyles and diet, and also a generation of people who have been over exposed to antibiotics. Mexico City is also very polluted, with high levels of CO2. This may lead to a highly acidic blood, which may also lead to a weaker immune system.There are products in the market, like ‘Transfer Factor’ which may help boost the immune system. It is made from colostrum, which is safe and can be easily assimilated.

The way I see it, the over prescription of antibiotics, which are essentially toxic in nature, may have also been a contributing factor, that is, affecting the way our immune system behaves.

I live in Malaysia, where we were also exposed to the same problem, viz. The Nipah Virus. Thankfully we were lucky to contain it.

Be safe Sanjay!”

There is obviously a strong correlation between diet and the immune system. The more acidic the body is, the weaker your immune system becomes. The only remedy is to reduce acid forming food, and taking in a lot of green, leafy vegetables and fruits full of colour. I have an article called ‘Eat the Rainbow’ which would help explain a lot about our dietary habits. Of course food supplements such as multivitamins with minerals and  big doses of Vitamin C helps. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling recommends this. (Note that water soluble vitamins are safe, such as vitamin C, but you need to follow the recommended dosage for Vitamin A,D,E and K.) Colourful vegetables and fruits have a lot of anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids which will help reduce free radicals in our body, which are essentially acid forming. In short consume food which are alkaline in nature to neutralize the acids.

So eat right and stay healthy.

PS. I am providing a link to a site,’Natural News’, which provides information for ‘Transfer Factors’ and the benefits of Colostrum, which is used to boost the immune system.

This is another article from the same site, about the over prescription of antibiotics and its consequences.

Be safe everyone!