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The School System

Posted in Generalist on June 5, 2009 by chastoms
Our Kids Our Future.

Our Kids Our Future.

If you want to do something to help your child view this video:

Schools are nothing but factories producing robots for the job market. Teachers have been conditioned to look for mistakes and they are made to believe that there are stupid or ‘intellectually challenged’ children and gifted children, which is actually a load of crock! Hence we have a generation of children with ‘mistake’ phobias wandering around the wasteland called the job market.

Personally, I discovered that I was slightly dyslexic and had ADD only in my late forties. I thought that there was really something wrong with me. My dad used to call me eccentric. The school system was unable to identify my challenges and there goes one more wasted talent!

Few people have heard of a black boy in the US with literally half a brain, since 1/2 of  his brain was shot off accidentally in a convenience store. This boy, with half a brain, managed to get his high school diploma and then a college degree! That says a lot about our education system. We need to overhaul  the status quo, of those who manage the school systems worldwide now!