The Case Against Capital Punishment

Does the punishment justify the crime?

Does the punishment justify the crime?

There is nothing humane in capital punishment! In some countries, suicide is a crime, but when it comes to capital punishment these very countries have the power to take away a life through capital punishment.They say, on one hand, that suicide or even euthanasia is immoral and unethical but on the other hand,they are ‘baying for blood’ by enforcing capital punishment by calling it Justice. There is no ‘justice’ here. It is vengeance,’an eye for an eye’ pure and simple. For that matter, embryonic stem-cell research is also considered immoral and unethical in these very countries, but when capital punishment is called into question, the powers that be always turn a blind eye.

What the State is doing, be it communist or otherwise, is actually trying to usurp the power of God.They want the populace to toe the line, saying such measures will be a deterrent to crime, but there is no evidence to suggest that. There are no penological or sociological evidence to back it. Such crimes has been going on since time immemorial, and Man being Man has a propensity for crime.

Francis Bacon said,’every man is a potential murderer!‘. Man kills in so many different ways and society and the powers that be can deem it to be ethical or moral or even justifiable, like in the case of self-defence or during a war, which is becoming much more of a grey area than ever before. Demagogic tyrants, who call themselves politicians, who are drunk with power, that is power over life, who claim to supposedly  look out for the ‘greater good’, have agendas which are Machiavellian is nature.They are no better than the Roman rulers who decide whether the Gladiator in the Coliseum, lives or dies with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’.

To call ourselves civilized now is to be a bit too premature in reality.We, as human beings still seem to carry the barbaric nature of the ancients, until and unless we truly see the truth about ourselves and the world at large. It seems to me that morality and ethics have taken a back seat to ‘justice’ in our present age!


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